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Q. When I book a tour online, what happens next?
A. All our Day Tours are immediately confirmed. All Overnight Tours are provisional and you will receive a FINAL email confirmation email once all elements are booked.. You will receive an email confirmation with check in instructions.
The next contact you will have is when you check in for your tour at the appropriate Dublin station at the correct time. You will be checked in by one of our Railtours Ireland colleagues in one of our highly recognisable bright yellow jackets!

Q. When I book a tour by phone, what happens next?
A. The next contact you will have is when you check in for your tour at the appropriate Dublin station at the correct time. You will be checked in by one of our Railtours Ireland colleagues in one of our highly recognisable bright yellow jackets!

Q. Can I leave the tour before it returns to Dublin?
A. Yes, for example if you wish to leave one of our tours in Galway, you are free to do so. However, please advise your host on the day, otherwise they will be worried about you! Please note that there is no refund for any unused portions of the tour.

Q. On your extended tours can you tell us what Bed and Breakfast establishments we will be staying in, in Killarney?
A. Whilst your accommodation is confirmed when you make your booking it is only on the day of travel that you are allocated a specific property. However if you opt for a four star standard hotel upgrade in Killarney we can tell you what hotel you will be staying in after the booking is confirmed. Hotels we use include: The Best Western International Hotel, The Holiday Inn, Randles Court Hotel and the Dromhall Hotel. These hotels are either in the centre or very close to the centre of Killarney. Individual hotels are subject to availability and cannot be requested specifically.

Q. What is a B&B (Bed and Breakfast Accommodation)?
A. A B&B is an Irish home which lets out a number of rooms to paying guests.The rooms are always ensuite with their own private bathroom shower room facilities.
B&B's are very clean and comfortable - but they are NOT hotels and do not have the same facilities as hotels - they tend to be on the edge of Killarney and not in the centre - as most hotels are. If you are unsure that a B&B would be the right choice for your particular needs then we strongly advise availing of our upgrade to four star standard hotel option. (check our homepage for FREE upgrades)

Q. I want to go on one of your extended tours – what about luggage?
A. There are luggage facilities on board trains & coaches and we try to keep luggage transfers between trains and coaches to a minimum. It is recommended that large excess amounts of luggage be stored, perhaps, at your Dublin hotel for the duration of your railtour.

Q. What sort of people travel on your tours?
A. Railtours Ireland is what’s known in the travel/tourism trade as an FIT tour product. This means that it attracts “Free Independent Travellers” of all ages and nationalities. What they have in common is a desire to have a unique touring experience in Ireland. Our tours also provide a credible means to explore Ireland without having to drive!

Q. Are our tours wheelchair friendly?
A. As long as the individual has some mobility then our tours would be suitable. The trains are wheelchair friendly in Ireland however the buses/coaches are not. The person would have to be able to climb the steps on to the bus. It is with regret that we cannot accommodate Mobility Scooters on our tours.

Q. What type of Room is a Twin, Double and Triple?

  • Twin Room = Has Two Beds
  • Double Room= Has One Double Bed
  • Triple Room = Sleep three people ( usually a double and a single bed)

Q. What hotels do you use in Dublin?
A. Hotels we use are: the Aisling Hotel, The Gibson Hotel, The North Star Hotel,The Clarion Hotel IFSC, The Hilton Kilmainham, and Wynn's Hotel all four star standard.
Dublin has very busy periods all year round so, from time to time ,we have other partner hotels that we also use.

Q. What hotels do you use in Galway?
A. We like to use hotels in Galway's vibrant city centre including : The Radisson Hotel, The Forster Court Hotel, The Eyre Square Hotel, The Imperial Hotel, and The Meyrick Hotel. All three and four star properties.
Galway can be a very busy place especially during the Summer with all its festivals and on occasion we use other hotels just outside the city centre.

Dublin Departure

We depart from Dublin, Shannon Airport, Cork and Limerick.

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